9 Block Heel Boots To Keep You On Trend!

Block heel boots are all in fashion at the moment especially, patent/vinyl booties. They are everywhere and I am loving them. Wear them with a skirt, dress, skinny jeans or mom jeans, they look good with everything!



  1. www.missguided.com/ie/burgundy-front-zip-pointed-ankle-boots
  2. www.missguided.com/ie/black-patent-toe-ankle-boot


  1. www.asos.com/raid/raid-rapple-patent-heeled-ankle-boots
  2. http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-emsey-suede-ankle-boots

Pretty Little Thing

  1. https://ie.prettylittlething.com/black-high-shine-metallic-block-heel-ankle-boot
  2. https://ie.prettylittlething.com/white-point-block-heel-ankle-boot


  1. https://www.aldoshoes.com/eu/en_EU/Boots/Ankle-boots/Aurella
  2. https://www.aldoshoes.com/eu/en_EU/Ocigossi-Red

Featured image boots are from Bershka



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